Aeroflux Side Effects?

Aeroflux Side Effects?
Aeroflux Side Effects?

Nowadays there are many syrup medicine for cough, in this post we will develop what the aeroflux medicine is and what it contains, its components and what it is used for. How does it work in the organism? And how should I ingest it. Any doubts you may have about this medicine will be clarified here.

In this post we will tell you which are the best cough syrups, read on, this gets good:

In many occasions people ask themselves the following questions: Will it be a reliable medicine? Does the medical prescription really work as it should? and thus a quantity more of questions that are valid at the moment of facing symptoms that afflict our tranquillity.   This medicine aeroflux, similar or generic (salbutamol /ambroxol), is a mucolytic, which has the same function as above, treating discomfort in the bronchi, allowing free access for breathing. 

It is also recommended that whenever symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, among others, are present, a doctor should be consulted for the ingestion of this bronchodilator, as adverse effects may occur and cause damage to the system.  

What is the aeroflux Solution for?

What is aeroflux sirup used foris defined as an oral therapy, which is characterized by helping children with respiratory symptoms, and adults. And of course, to those who prefer the liquid form of medicines, since it makes their ingestion easier.

10 Best Cough Syrups 2019

1. Bisolvon antitussive

This well-known antitussive brand specializes in the treatment of mucous coughs, typical of diseases and problems such as colds. 

It is considered the best or one of the best to treat broncho-pulmonary diseases.

2. Histiacil

This brand is known for its rapid effects in treating coughs of all kinds, although it is considered the best in treating dry coughs. 

3. Mucosan

Another major brand and one of the best known, Mucosan cough syrups are very useful for the treatment of liquid cough or mucous membrane typical of colds in over two years of age. However, it often has some mild side effects.

4. Flutox

An antitussive especially useful for the treatment of dry cough in older than two years of age, inhibiting the cough reflex.

5. Hylands

This brand has among its antitussive products especially dedicated to babies, although it is necessary to consult a pediatrician first to assess their suitability. It also has a version for older children.

6. Sensibit XP

This brand seems to be one of the best when it comes to treating cough derived from the presence of allergies, having an expectorant and antihistamine effect at the same time.

7. Tukol-D

This brand has expectorants of great utility for the treatment of respiratory infections, facilitating the reduction of the viscosity of mucus. It should not be administered before the age of 12 unless we are talking about its infantile version.

8. A. Vogel Broncosan

One of the best brands made with natural products, which besides helping to fight the cough typical of respiratory infections slightly increases the defenses. It stands out that it is made from products such as pine. However, its taste is not excessively pleasant.

9. Iniston

Very useful when we are dealing with a type of dry cough of allergic type, helping to calm the irritation in the throat and respiratory tract.

10. Vick-44

This brand is very useful for all types of coughs, although it is usually more indicated for the treatment of dry cough. It relieves congestion and allows mucus to be expelled more easily. However, just like the rest, it has contraindications such as diabetes or liver problems. It is a reliable drug, aimed at relieving chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

Cough syrups with dextromethorphan

  • ARITOS Oral sol. 2 mg/ml  
  •  AUROTOS Sol. 15 mg
  •  BICASAN Syrup 2 mg/ml
  •  BISOLVON ANTITUSIVE Syrup 2 mg/ml
  •  ANTITUSIVE Oral sun 15 mg
  •  BISOLVON ANTITUSIVE COMPOSITUM Oral sun. 3 mg/ml + 1,5 mg/ml
  •  CINFATOS Comp. 10 mg
  •  CINFATOS 10 mg sucking tablet
  •  CINFATOS Oral sol. 15 mg
  •  CINFATOS Oral sol. 2 mg/ml
  •  EXPECTORATING CYMPHATES Oral sun 2 mg/ml + 20 mg/ml
  •  CHILDREN’S CYMPHATES Oral sun 5 mg/5 ml
  •  DEXTROMETORFANO CODRAMOL Honey-lime taste sucking tablet 10 mg
  •  GEISER DEXTROMETORPHANE Sucking tablet 10 mg
  •  FORMULATUS Syrup 6,66 mg/5 ml
  •  FORMULATUS Honey flavour sucking tablet 7,33 mg
  •  FRENADOL Effervescent comp.
  •  COMPLEX Granulate for oral sun.
  •   FORTE Granulate for oral sun.
  •  FRENADOL JUNIOR Granulate for oral sun.
  •  ANTITUSIVE FRIOLGRIP Powder for oral sun 650/20/4 mg
  •  FRITUSIL Oral sun. 3 mg/ml
  •  GRIPANAIT Syrup 120 ml
  •  ANTITUSIVE PEDIATRIC INISTOLIN Syrup 2 mg/ml + 6 mg/ml

What Aeroflux Solution Contains

Contains salbutamol, (each dose of 5 ml is equal to 2 mg of salbutamol as well as 7.5 mg of ambroxol).

One doubt that many possess is: How much is the dose? And from what age? Can children take it, and the answers are as follows: The dose will depend on the age, and the diagnosis of course that the doctor highlights, according to this treatment will be controlled to get the expected results.

That is to say, the recommended dose for children between the ages of 2 and 4 years is 3 ml for every 8 hours, from 4 to 6 years, increases to 4 ml for every 8 hours (it will increase in a maximum dose double, that is, instead of 3-6ml / 4ml-8ml).    

In the case of 6 years and older (adults), it would be 5 ml per 8 hours, otherwise if you need a maximum dose, it would be increased to 10 ml for the same interval of time. The days of ingestion, if it will depend on the progress of the treatment, and this is established by a health professional.  

What side effects could cause the abuse of aeroflux Solution

What is always indicated is to take a medication controlled by a specialized doctor, this avoids self-medication and / or abuse of taking drugs, if the patient does not know what really presents, it is a risk to take some drug, without professional recommendation.   Subscribe to my youtube channel, we will be uploading an informative video every day.    

In this case, aeroflux sirup can cause the following adverse effects: salbutamol causes fine tremors (skeletal muscle) specifically in the hands, it is the area most affected; it can also produce in patients peripheral vasodilatation, very rarely urticaria, bronchospasm and collapses. Rarely, muscle cramps. Something else is that it can present tachycardia, and the ambroxol could cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, headaches.

They are effects that logically are annoying, this is foreseen following to the letter the treatment of the aeroflux.  

Where can I get aeroflux solution and how is its presentation

  You can get it in the nearest pharmacies or drugstores, usually under a doctor’s prescription, and its presentation is a box with a bottle containing 120 ml, in addition to a dosing cup, and a dosing pipette.    

Aeroflux solution in pregnancy

  In the case of women who are in a state, presenting symptoms of asthma or bronchitis is recommended to visit your doctor, who will indicate its use, control and supervision. In addition, it should be administered with caution, and never in the first trimester of pregnancy.    

Medication Aeroflux in children

This medicine is most often used in children. Infants with respiratory problems, or those with viruses, in most cases many children have asthma, acute or chronic bronchitis, among other symptoms that obstruct their rest, development in the day to day, through growth.

To do this, the pediatrician is responsible for making diagnoses about the appearance of symptoms and thus be able to indicate the appropriate treatment to obtain the expected result.     

Aerofluxr can be administered to children of all ages, placing their weight, assessing the evolution of the treatment, and dosing with the help of a doctor always! remember that treatment in children is very delicate due to their defenses, and many other aspects that are not the same as an adult.     

How do I store aeroflux?

 Keep the bottle or container well covered, at an ambient temperature of about 25 º C, preferably in dry places, not wet.  

What should I do if there is an overdose with the use of aeroflux in a patient?

Once a symptom or sign of overdose of the drug manifests, what doctors recommend is the use of a cardioselective blocking agent, and one of the precautions is to be very careful when patients have a history of bronchospasm, since it would not be a solution, it would further complicate the situation.   

Adverse effects of aeroflux

Like any medicine, the use of aeroflux has the following contraindications: one of them is hypersensitivity to the components of the formula (either salbutamol or ambroxol).     

It should not be used by patients with gastric ulcer and/or gastritis. Also in people with arterial hypertension, insufficiency in the cardiac or cardiovascular system.     

It is counterproductive to indicate it in people with Parkinson’s, and in parallel with drugs such as propanol among others. NOTE: With this list of contraindications, caution should be exercised when administering and/or ingesting the aeroflux. Dosage of Aeroflux The following table is based on the medicine salbutamol: 0.1mg to 0.2mg/kg doses 3 times a day.

Age Dose Dose Maximum *
2 a 4 years
(12-16 kg.)
3 ml. c/8 hours     6 ml. c/8 hours    
> 4 y < 6 years
(16-22 kg.)
4 ml. c/8 hours     8 ml. c/8 hours    
> 6 dosage for adults 5 ml. c/8 hours     10 ml. c/8 hours      

I am diabetic can I take Aeroflux?

The aeroflux for diabetics according to specialists is not appropriate that you take this medicine because the dose is very high, it is recommended that you take Ventolin, serves for the same and the side effects are minimal. The information that we provide you in this web is referential, never automediques it is advisable that you go to the doctor.

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