Best Exchange Rates Gold Coast

Best Exchange Rates Gold Coast

We’ll show you below where you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on your next money exchange on the Costa Dorada and we’ll give you some tips to make your money safe. Don’t miss out!

Australia’s incredible Gold Coast is perhaps an entry point for tourists from all over the world, all for good reason, and that is nothing more than its spectacular coastal scenery.
But if you are a visitor to the Gold Coast, chances are you want to make sure you can get your money in this paradisiacal place without too much stress, since managing your money in a foreign country is usually always extremely complicated, so you are surely looking for where to get a change of currency on the Gold Coast and how you can get the best deal.
There are usually several ways to have fun on a trip to the Gold Coast, so it’s really worth spending a little time getting the best currency exchange points in order to get more for your money.
Here are some tips for getting the best deal when looking to exchange money that will be valid to help you get the best rates:

You should avoid airport exchanges

It is well known that exchange rates at airports are often very low.

You should be very cautious about ATM fees:

As you know, ATMs are usually convenient for withdrawing money directly in the local currency, but it is also known that they are prone to take a good portion of your savings at both high and low rates.

It’s prudent to look at mid-market rates.

It is important to know the official exchange rates of the mid-market to see precisely how much you are paying in margins.

You may want to ask about up-front fees

It is important that you ask what fees will be applied to you in advance. With this, you can avoid very unpleasant surprises such as the multiple hidden tariffs that are usually applied by some interchangers.

Be prepared well in advance

Generally, using a change of currency at your destination will never be the most cost-effective alternative. It is much easier to get the cheapest option before you leave. You can even buy cash for home delivery before you leave.

It is prudent to compare money transfer services

Sending money is usually more cost effective than currency conversions and sometimes you can get lower rates or higher rates within 1% of the middle market.

Make sure you know the real exchange rate

Before you change anything, look for the average market’s current exchange rate, also known as the interbank rate, you can get it from Google, XE, or even TransferWise .
That’s what your money is really worth in a foreign currency, and so you shouldn’t let them tell you otherwise. Both banks and exchange services generally offer much lower exchange rates to their customers, so you may not find the ideal average market rate. But make sure you know what it is, so you know what’s really on offer.

It’s wise to ask your home bank about overseas ATM associations.

If you’re considering using ATMs abroad, it’s wise to check to see if your local bank has any associations.
Associations such as the Global ATM Alliance, which has Westpac as an Australian member, can be free, or at least cheaper, so you can use certain ATMs in a foreign country if you have the right bank account.
In some cases, you may be able to save a few dollars,euro dollar exchange on ATM withdrawals.

Use all your money before you leave

Of course, it also costs money to return to the local currency, so if possible, try not to end up with excess cash at the end of your trip.
After reading these tips …

Where is it possible to change our money on the Gold Coast?

1. Travel money Oz

Travel Money Oz has a good set of currency exchanges on the Gold Coast between the cities of Coomera and Robina.
It does not have any rights in the city centre, being the closest to Surfers Paradise the one located in Robina, but you can also find one next to Helensvale station and also another in Moondarewa station.
The best thing is that they are all open seven days a week, and there are many alternatives in Robina that can make it easier for you to compare prices if you are located in the area.
On the other hand, you can only compare rates online and order your currency via the Travel Money Oz website to pick up at the branch of your choice.

2. Travelex

You can locate a Travelex at the Gold Coast airport, where you’ll get the best rates if you expect to exchange your money at a Travelex in either Broadbeach, Robina or even Helensvale Westfield.
Best of all, their stores are open seven days a week, but only during normal business hours.
However, their ATMs at the airport do not have limited hours.
On the other hand, in addition to changing currency, Travelex has an extensive range of travel cash options, including prepaid cards and much more. That’s why you can find the greatest variety and alternatives in Robina.
As another novelty we can tell you that you can get the same options online, as well as better Travelex rates when you order foreign exchange online for a withdrawal at the store of your preference.

3. Unimoni Australia

Unimoni is better known as a money transfer service, but in tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast, but equally it is also a place for currency exchange.
That is why if you are looking for a currency exchange that is within your reach, there is a change of Unimoni in Center Arcade in Surfers Paradise, but if you also want, you can visit the Robina.
As a discordant note we indicate that both places are closed on Sundays.
As far as currency exchanges are concerned, we can point out that the ones with the most competition are those of Robina, which could help you compare rates and locate the best offer much more easily.
As you have been able to appreciate, there are several places to exchange currencies on the Gold Coast and besides taking into consideration the advice we have indicated to achieve the best offer when seeking to exchange money, you can enjoy all the great benefits on the Gold Coast.

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